Where I Sit

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This is where I'm sitting right now, typing this. I've had such a joyous studio morning of painting and coffee and coffee painting. Now that I'm taking a little break, letting some of the painting dry, I wanted to share my space with you. It is in a state that I would say to my mother is a "complete mess"! But that mess didn't stop me from feeling a gushing amount of love and thankfulness to my studio space - my home.
When I stood up to stretch the light was just so and art was scattered everywhere in various stages and I felt just so... blessed. Grateful to this space and the time I have had yesterday, today and previous days to work on my daydreams here.
My paintings on the walls and on the floor and in a wet puddle on the studio table and all of it surrounded by things I love and cherish.
This is where I work. This is where I Live.
Welcome to my studio.

More studio pictures can be found on my flickr page.

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