Inspiration battles the Overwhelmed

I'm near going out of my skull lately. I am over-brimming over flowing excitedly INSPIRED by everyone and everything these days ---- yet I continually manage to NOT have studio time. I know that part of the inspiration comes from this yearning. This longing. But how am I to ever feel satisfaction if I constantly am just looking at my studio table on my way back out the door?

These things I do are important to me - otherwise I wouldn't be pursuing them. Connections with my home-mates and battle strategies to save it. (I'm sure there will be more on this later - but the co-op is under threat from development.)
Making sure I still have a home and a studio for the future is taking so much of my time away from my home and studio right now. I'm really feeling challenged and frustrated.

But in the meantime here are a few things that are inspiring me.

- The Anthropologie seasonal display. I want to nest and decorate!

- Reading this interview with http://www.paperiaarre.blogspot.com/
Interviews usually inspire me but this one in particular rekindled my passion for bookbinding. A whole slew of Rekoj books burst forth in my mind just from admiring the pictures of her work alone.

- This painting my Cathy Nichols and following the progression of it on her blog. The content and the color both got to me and struck a spark in my heart. I just want to walk home and start painting this VERY INSTANT!

- Illustration Friday and my new desire to participate every week. It gives me an "excuse" to find the time to let myself play every week! I'm wondering if that is part of what I need. To schedule and book myself for myself just as much as I do for everyone else.

There is so much more but sadly as is the theme of this post I no longer have the time available to continue! More soon - and I also have some beautiful images from my weekend at the Lodge to post!


Emma said...

Can't wait to see pics from the lodge. Great links in this post I'll have to bookmark.
Can I get away with saying that a particular person you and I both have to deal with really really sucks on the internet? I hope so! Cause he does!

Rekoj said...

Thanks Emma! I promise Frogcreek Lodge pictures will be up soon!