House Retreat

My oh my has this week been busy busy! It's a good thing I got some art out on the weekend because I haven't had a free moment in the last few days. Or if I did have a free moment it was spent tuckered out and sleeping.

Silly daylight savings time.

A whole lot of my time this week has been filled with lots of work at the day job. Funny how that makes the week just whizzzz by. It's whizzed right into being Thursday already - which brings in some serious weekend preparations tonight.

This weekend, commencing tomorrow, is the long overdue, much anticipated infamous Apex Retreat. It happens once every 3 years or some such. As a household we'll be going to this lovely lodge out in the woods to spend 2.5 days of cooking, cleaning, eating, sleeping and talking together.

We'll be working on our Cooperative skills like facilitation, communication, active listening and beer drinking. Er... wait - is that a co-op skill?

Just kidding - actually I think the journey and the weekend will be quite recuperative for the group of us as a whole.

I'm one of the few members who own a car so I'll be driving part of the caravan tomorrow eve and on top of that I get to take part in a trip to Costco. Not a place I frequent so it should be ... um... fun?

Too bad I'm totally ready to do everything but any of this. That's the way it goes sometimes.
The muse has struck so I'll be bringing my sketchbook and watercolors with the intention of stealing away for some creative time throughout the weekend.
I'm sure it will be nice to spend a couple of days in such a comfy looking lodge no matter what. A rare and privileged treat.
We'll be back to our regularly scheduled art ponderings next week I'm sure!

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Emma said...

Looks so comfy & nice!