Pumpkin Pie Day

Happy Thanksgiving! May you all enjoy the best of homemade food, family, friends and laughter.
Happy Thanksgiving

This little e-card got to the animation student in me. Yes, I used to be an animation student. Why am I not in an animation career? Because at the time I thought it meant I would have to move to LA and I didn't want to move to LA. I like Washington too much.
Now? Do I feel silly? Yes. Yes I feel silly.
To pursue it again I would need to hop back into school for a bit because the technology these days changes the second you blink ... but in the meantime I will enjoy all the creative things that Flash artists come up with.

I'm off over the mountains and through the woods to see Grandma! Along with about 40 other members of my crazy large family of Aunts, Uncles & Cousins... I'll return (quite fat I'm sure) on Friday to get back to work in the studio. Happy Pumpkin Pie day everyone!

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