Wood Peck Work

The Etsy Kick Off the Holidays sale last night at First Thursday Arts Walk was a whole lot of fun. I was late and a little frazzled from having my day job eat into my art job time a bit but I suppose that is bound to happen sometimes.

Arrived at Stir to a crowded, happening scene which continued late into the evening. I'm quite sleepy today actually! Lots of good talks with Marlo of IMakeCuteStuff, Rosalie of bARTerSauce and UglyBaby, Norm of ArtByNorm
Dawn of ScaryWHiteGirl, Katy of Sycamore Baby and so many more. EmmaKat came, Tyesha came, I spotted Ambika though the crowd was too thick to say hi (and show off my earrings of hers that I was wearing!)
All in all it was a lovely, inspiring evening.

And I even sold this painting! Thanks bunches Amber - I hope it will be well loved by the birthday recipient as you hope!

Today finds my fingers near twitching with the urge to get back to work in the studio. Was it all the crafty goodness? The conversations? Or the mere fact that FINALLY I have some time to play? Or perhaps it is just a big ol stirred dough result of all the above.
Happy weekend everyone!


Dawn said...

Oh, I understand the having time to play thing! I've got some writing to do this weekend, but other than that, I've still got a whole box of new to me supplies that I've barely touched! Time to remedy that! :)

Emma said...

So many great looking illustrations on your blog! :)