Sheep in a Mexican Hat Shop

"Sheep in a Mexican Hat Shop"
Coffee, Watercolor
12" x 14"

My very first entry to Illustration Friday and I had such a fabulous time making it! This week's theme was "Hats". Almost as fun as making this piece was the creative journey I took to get there. The one word of "hats" immediately called to mind a very fuzzy memory of a beloved children's book that I couldn't remember what it was called or even what it was about really, but I did remember the imagery of all of these stacks of hats. A leaning tower of head adornment!
So when I decided to go ahead and play with this week's challenge I knew that I wanted to incorporate a stack of hats.
Working with coffee stains is something I have wanted to experiment with ever since I came across the work of Stella Im Hultberg. So I knew I wanted to play with coffee.
Stacks of hats and coffee stains.
How the sheep got involved I still am not quite sure... but I must admit, I rather like them!
*Bonus! I ran a brief google search to see if I could find the children's book:


sheree said...

cute sheep --- immediately thought of "caps for sale" then saw you mentioned it

Emma said...

I was about to Google it, I read that book over and over when I was a kid. Also my mother loves sheep!

studio lolo said...

This is wonderful!! And I remember that book too :)

Rekoj said...

WOW! I'm thrilled that you guys all read and loved the same great book. Isn't it funny how imagery sticks with us?