Holiday Season Kick Off a.ka. Weekend Recap

Look at these two crafty ladies! This picture was taken last Saturday at the I Heart Indie Holidays show by Thea Starr. She has posted a wonderful photo blog of the event here if you want to see more crafty images of the event. Thanks Thea!

Yesterday found a whole slew of us crafty types selling and chatting and freezing and drinking way too much coffee in the Underground events center for the PUnk Rock Flea Market. My oh my was it a fun show. I shared a spot with Betsy of Baddins Design, across from us was Sycamore Baby, next was Ambika and ScaryWhiteGirl and next to them was EtsyRain newbie Spiderfelt. It was a regular crafshow party! Despite the snow and the chill there still managed to be quite the crowd of shoppers that came out to find that something special for that someone special - half of which I swear were my own housemates! Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to support. It was a super fun show and I can't wait to do it again!

Today the wind is wailing and the rain is raining. After a great dinner with friends, a double feature movie fest and sleeping in quite late this morning I've pretty well planted myself on the couch today. A day of rest after all the melee of the last few days? Priceless.
Tomorrow we'll start back up again for preparations for Saturday's Swank show.
Till then, enjoy the rest of Sunday!

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