Rekoj Goes to SWANK

Isn't this picture just marvelous? Marlo M of IMakeCuteStuff convinced me that my previous pendant pictures were blurry, cuz, well, they were blurry. And in the process of convincing me we worked out a trade - a pendant for some of her mad photography skills. And now I've updated all of my Etsy photos and the shop is well on it's way towards looking well, better. Plenty more to do though.
But first, is the SWANK show tomorrow! These past two weeks have just been nuts. I'm not sure if I'll ever schedule 3 shows in a row again like this. It hasn't been bad... just challenging. And a little all consuming. Hence the slow down on the blog front. It's all momentum though. It's all just rolling along.
Happy Friday all. Enjoy this second weekend of December!


Emma said...

the new photos look fantastic!

Rekoj said...

I just love em! Thanks =)