Punk Rock Commission

Alrighty - it's storytime. While at the Punk Rock Flea Market two weekends ago, I agreed to take on my strangest commission work yet. The table I was at was situated kind of kiddy-corner from a fellow selling some very punk stuff - raggedy ol teeshirts for a buck, utilikilts, studded belts and the like. Very amiable fellow - he was quite taken with our tablecloth - but I digress. Anyways, there was a girl who quite liked my bag design. She chatted with us at our table for a bit and then off she went into the market. About a half hour later she came back with a wad of black cloth in her hands. It was one of the tee shirts from across the way - and she wanted to know that if she bought this tee shirt if I could turn it into a bag. I was like,
"hmmmm... yeah I probably could..." all non-comittal like. She got pretty excited and then went to look through the shirts some more. She then came back with another one:
"And could you turn this into a pocket on the back?"
I contemplated it for a moment and then figured what the heck?

Which is what led to this brightly grinning face shining on my studio table. The aforementioned bag in progress. It's been a bit more of a challenge than I thought it would be - these things always take more time than you figure on - but it's been blast. And I've gotten all addicted to sewing again. In fact, it's all I wanted to do today at work. To sit with the whir of the sewing machine going, pushing fabric through and watching the stitches thread through.

The only thing that cured me - at least for now - was making this:

Ah the sweet addictive beauty of a traditional "Polish Star". This one was made from the pages of the holiday JCrew catalog while sipping wine and chatting with 4 lovely ladies in a beautiful old Capitol Hill apartment. More than anything so far this season, tonight's ornament making party finally got me into my holiday spirit.
Course, now I just want to sew and fold little bits of paper instead of sleeping... bugger.

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Emma said...

Hey, that's felix the cat:

I really was in the mood to keep making ornaments last night, but I was too tired! There has to be many more types of ornaments I could make with my Martha Stewart hole punch!