Swank to it

Whew! Yesterday's SWANK show was so much FUN! Had a few good sales but the bestest of all for me was all the great trades I got to participate in. I swapped for some holiday gifts and some other vendors got some holiday gifts from me. This little bunny to the left, along with some garments off the clothing rack have made it out of my studio and into the world where I know they'll be loved.

The clothing rack is starting to look a little bare so today I'm getting some work done to fill it back up. I'm focusing on some new Rekoj Kid clothes. Based on just how many babes in arms I saw at the last Crafty Wonderland show I've got a hunch these little cuties will do well at the Super Crafty Wonderland show next weekend. Hop to it!

P.S. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my oldest and bestest friend. I am so lucky to have been blessed with you as my Mom =) Love and Hugs!

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