Washington Lawyers for the Arts

Last night I attended a TAX WORKSHOP FOR ARTISTS which was put on by the Washington Lawyers for the Arts and was hosted by the Photographic Center Northwest. Just going to PCNW was a treat in itself and the class was REALLY good. It was on federal taxes for artists – not to do with sales tax at all like I thought. I took lots of notes and feel a little more confident in claiming deductions correctly for this year. I found out quite a few interesting tidbits such as this one: “if you make 100% original one of a kind items then you do NOT have inventory” Makes a difference on claiming cost of goods vs supplies. Anyway – yeah long story short? Totally worth it!

Afterwards, Marlo, Marin (another Etsy artist!) & I went out for nosh where we just talked shop and about the class and technically we could all write off that meeting too. It is so envigorating to sit and have free flowing conversation with other artists who are right in the same boat with taxes, recording keeping, etsy tweaks and inspiration.

Who ever thought that going to a tax workshop would be so fun?

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