Punk Rock Flea Market Madness

A journey through the third Punk Rock Flea Market!

This fabulous retro gold super hero suit was found at the booth shared by Baddins & myself. It worked some magic mojo on Cory who was then seen proudly flashing gold for the following two hours... If the superhero costume fits....

Here was our booth with Miss Baddins peekin out from amongst the goodies...

And here was the Rekoj side - fun kid wear and a very full clothing rack that doubled as our doorway in & out. Xtina was reading Tarot next to us so the clothes also provided a slight amount of a privacy screen too. Worked out well!

Overall a super fun day filled with hanging out with friends and some of the Etsyrain crew who were there too. Scarywhitegirl got to trade some fun stuff with Baddins and UglyBaby made threats all day to steal a skirt that I got from Baddins. That Baddins was rockin it with her spring cleaning sale!
And thanks go to this lovely customer who loved her new Rekoj top so much that she was going to wear it out - and she let me snap a picture. Doesn't that rocket just look great?
Cheers all and I can't wait until the next Punk Rock Flea Market. And maybe Cory will wear that suit again too... we can only hope!

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