Sickie Sick Horribly Sick

It's been 5 days. Five full days of the Seattle Crud. No signs of it clearing up anytime soon either. Which is the reason for my absence these past few days.
4 weekends ago I snapped this picture with my new camera at the Ballard Locks while my parents were visiting. The same weekend that I found out the possibility of Artfest and my fingers were crossed for the chance to go. I almost was not able to take that chance due to work. When I ended up being able to go after all, I was oh'joyed. I was giddy with excitement. I had lots To Do before I could go, but I could go.
My self imposed schedule for bringing all the loose ends and pieces together in time? Gone right out the window when the Seattle Crud moved in. I haven't done a single thing this past week to get ready. Determined that feeling better was way more important for the trip than being well prepared and packed I've slept and taken care of myself like I should.
So why oh why has the crud done and moved into my chest today???
Ugh. So not fair.
I'm continuing to rest up and drink tea, swathed in my favorite quilt all the while with fingers crossed that I feel better by tomorrow. I just have to. So here I am, putting this out to blogland and the Universe in hopes that declaring it will make it so.
I will be 100% well in time for Artfest. I will.

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