Ben Folds and Near Death

Last night I took a journey to visit my friend JR and to see Ben Folds perform. What a fabulous evening it was! After stuffing ourselves on some super good food at the Ellensburg Pasta Co followed by dessert at Winegars (mmm mocha milkshake mmm) we headed to campus to line in with the co-eds.
I really enjoyed the show - can't believe it took me this long (10 years?) to see Ben Folds live - He's so damn GOOD! If you ever get a chance I do recommend - he IS as fantastic of a performer as rumoured. The pure energy he poured out into his piano keys was astounding. And his pure comedic joy in performing was apparent - in addition to some really great classic Ben numbers I'm not sure which I enjoyed the most - The cover of Dr. Dre or the improved jazz styled diddy about Ellensburg "Thought it was to be mountains, blue skies and cowboys but all I got was cocks & bitches la di da" (as a response to the usual unruly crowd shouting) Ah sweetness. The Australian Ben Lee opened for him who was pretty funny too. Honestly I could have just listened to him talk and sing for ages even with his tunes being pretty simple - I'm a sucker for the Aussie accent!

After the show and some quick goodnights due to the late hour, I made it home unscathed - barely. Drove right into a storm on Snoqualmie Pass! The traffic advisory board was flashing on my way out of town and I tuned in and listened to it like a good driver - it said something like "Winter driving conditions, proceed with caution". If it had stated the Actual Truth of "Winter storm crazy-ass white-out-blizzard don't even think about proceeding" then I would have turned my ass around. As it was by the time I was up in it the visibility was so bad that I couldn't even see TO turn around. OMG I feared for my life! Crept over the pass at an average speed of 20 and finally made it Home Hallelujah round 2am. Holy crap.

I think it was about an hour straight of adrenaline that got me through. By the time I came down off the mountain into Issaquah I was screaming crazy singing. I had to do some yoga before bed to recover. Still woke up this morning with the first thought on my mind being Thank You Universe!
Needless to say I’ll be giving that Pass more consideration before ever attempting that drive at night regardless of the season. Now I've got a newfound appreciation for why that road is so wide...

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