Betsy of Baddins Design and I made this bag together and it turned out great! Some time ago we got together and decided to collaborate on making a custom laptop bag for a mutual friend of ours. I think that now that the bag is done, it has turned out better than we originally envisioned!

It's somewhat hard to photograph - but if you look closely you can see the lovely stitchwork provided by Betsy!

Our design session was spent on the floor of my studio with nothing but this lovely bright red canvas, the grey seatbelt strap, some measurements and the New Kids on the Block. (No design session is complete without geeking out to dorky but upbeat music - right?)

The bag is made of double layered heavy canvas with a zippered foam insert to project the laptop when in use, or it can be removed for regular messenger bag like use. It's got about a gazillionino pockets for goodies and best of all - the flap was custom stitched with Betsy's signature thread doodles. 100% Lovely.
Now I just got to make me one =)

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