Spring Shop Updates

I haven't been a very good blogger this week. I apologize.
I just got way to caught up playing around with my shop! Including a new banner which is finally consistent with my new website.
Etsy's introduction of the new shop policies page, combined with my amazing discovery of a shop listing trick last week has me all back up on the Etsy horse. Giddy up & go!
Really though it'll be great - finally all that stuff sitting around my studio will be out for the world to see. Well, the online Etsy world at least.
And along with all that fun shopkeep stuff I finished another oil painting over the weekend. Another in the string series and I just can't wait to show you. The weather just needs to cooperate so I can get a good picture (quit raining dammit!) and then I'll be adding the new swans to the site. Stay tuned cuz Rekoj is rocking it!

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