Detail of "Awaiting Spring" - Oil on Wood

It is strange how the collective unconscious works.

Case in point: On Wednesday, it was announced the polar bears are officially endangered due to lost territory and global warming. Well... duh! - but that is for a different post.

The evening before that global announcement, I had finally finished the painting pictured above that I started about two weeks ago - pretty much right after this post. It is following the same strand of oil on wood series that I started with "SeeLine Woman Dressed in Blue". And the content (in case you couldn't tell) is of the polar bears and their plight. Done in a beautiful way, but disturbing nonetheless. (FYI - The full image of "Awaiting Spring" along with a few other updates will be added to my website this weekend.)

The same day of the announcement I happened to stumble upon a new-to-me artist, Jen Renninger who is keeping a blog of daily images. What was the topmost image when I clicked over to her 365 blog?
You guessed it - a polar bear, also wrapped in strands. Very different images, but you see the semblance correct?

It is a strange strange connected web of a world we live in and I absolutely love it.

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