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Yeppers - it's my birthday today. Hooray! I've been celebrating for days now so here on the actual day I'm feeling a little ordinary. Which of course I had to remedy by wearing the best skirt in the world - all turquoise and red and swirly made by my friend Betsy. Birthdays are made for feeling like a pretty princess right? Of course.

So I mentioned I had been celebrating for days - and I haven't made a post since then so here is what I've been up to:

Thursday - Happy hour party planning session at Twist which turned into a silly & happy night.
Friday - Meeting up with my best friend Katie to go see my housemate Aaron perform in two bands which were all increcibly fun. Tiny Manhood and Dance Music for Deppressed People. I'll be seeking both of them out again.
Saturday - Big Birthday Bash with food, music, dancing and the delights of Betsy's favorite drink, the Shandy - also known at the Dark & Stormy. Ginger beer & dark rum over lotsa ice - yum!
Sunday - A hung over, sun worshipping trip with friends to wander the Arboretum and see all the incredible rhododendron blooms - WOW! And then onwards to the shores of Lake Washington to soak it up while by 8 year old friend buried herself in the sand. A lovely day.
Monday - a day of rest while I guiltily thought about all the web updates I had planned to make over the weekend - but man guys - it was WAY too sunny to be anywhere near I computer. Here in Seattle you got to jump on those blessed rays!
Tuesday - Taken out to a special pre-birthday evening by Katie. We hit up happy hour at the Copper Gate in Ballard and then wandered Market street to sober up. I had wanted to check out Archie McPhee's, but sadly they had just closed. So instead we went and both spent more than we planned to at Sonic Boom. (Why does that always happen to me there? Must be a vortex I swear) Then, Katie introduced me to my new addiction - which I think she must have done to get me back for me introducing her to the delights of the Copper Gate - Miro Tea House. Yum! And the perfect cap to a delightful evening.
Today - My actual birthday - who knows? In theory Andy is taking me out which I'm sure will be a treat. Until then, my mind is full of heavy contemplation. My usual birthday sort. For me and especially the past few years, my birthday has been more of a New Years than January 1st. It just feels that way to me. This paticular birthday has me reeling - just from thinking of myself 10 years ago and remembering how I thought of 10 years in the future and how I just KNEW by the time I reached this age I would finally be me. Of course I would have figured it all out by the time I reached that OLD age =)

And you know? That girl 10 years ago wasn't too far off the mark.
A Happy Birthday it is. Cheers!

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kecia said...

happy belated! it sounds like you've been having a nice celebatory week leading up to the date. (birthday week is always the best!) now i really have to get this box i have off to you! i keep filling it with treasures for you.
happy spring to you to,
&*%Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Sara, Happy birthday to you!