Illustration Friday - Fierce

"She is fierce..."
Pen & Ink on paper
6" x 9"
I thought of many ways this Illustration Friday prompt could be interpreted. In the end I just went with this free form doodle incorporating the text in her hair. Set my pen to the sketchbook paper with the word Fierce flowing through my brain and thinking of all the fierceness that we can carry inside. In me, it crops up to strut my way home safe after a late night out.
Where do you keep your fierceness?


Monica said...

This is gorgeous. She is beautiful and very fierce. It is cool how you wove the typography into her hair- My eyes just keep going over it and over it...taking in those lovely lines.

Bella Sinclair said...

Your linework is just awesome! What fierce hair she has, and the text in her hair is brilliant.

Katherine L. White said...

Great illustration and take on the this weeks word. I save up all my fierceness for my husband who likes to push my buttons to get a rise out of me.

Faruffa said...

Great work, it's so much expressive!!!

neil said...

I really do like hand rendered type and how it can be made to fit a style or mood. You have captured the fierceness here with great skill, well done!