Weekend on Fidalgo Island

Anacortes WA in January - Lady of the Sea
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The weather this weekend was far too incredible to remain within the city. So here I sit, sun-kissed, muscle sore and thought-full after a visit to the northern island of Fidalgo to see my dear friend Katie.
We walked in the sunshine together and caught up on literature, music and love over pear cider pints at a downtown Anacortes tavern. Pear cider pints were followed by the most delicious sandwiches of my life - (there is about to be a theme here) toasted swiss, pear & lavender sandwiches - spectacular!
I of course, forgot to bring my camera with me as I always do ... I really need to be better about that because so many sights were sheer breathtaking in the last 24 hours. Though, I do pause to wonder if the sights would have been enjoyed nearly as much if I was trying to snap the perfect picture.... thankfully we have the wonders of flickr to the rescue!
A deep sleep in the house where her grandparents used to live was followed by a 2 hour hike up to and around Little Cranberry lake. Which, in the heat of the day today was the perfect place to be.
The northwest never ceases to amaze me. This is truly a spectacular corner of the world.
And I of course must insist you try the sandwiches...

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