Sincere Community Thanks

Hello and welcome back to the World Rekoj!
Over the weekend I had a pretty severe episode with my back. It was a rough time, but through it I got to experience just how amazing my household is. I was so well looked after, checked in on and cared for that when I was trying to tell a friend about it I got a serious case of the warm & fuzzies. You know - that feeling you get when you realize just how lucky & blessed you really are?
So here I am, on a random Monday writing a random sappy email to my housemates of the Apex Belltown Co-op. Even when times get rough (and they've been pretty rough these days) we need to keep in mind just what it is we're fighting for. It isn't just some floors in a building. It isn't just low-income housing in a city where such space is rapidly disappearing.It is for our community. Our family of choice. Sincere thanks to everyone who helped me out this weekend - either with kind words of encouragement, the loan of meds, the loan of movies, the sharing of food and even the gift of laughter and stories - thank you thank you thank you ALL. We are all truly blessed to be in such an amazing place together. Okay - done with the sap - for now =)

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