Away on Summer Vacation

Ferry boat ride
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Howdy y'all! I'm about to depart on a trip to the Oregon Coast for a week of toes in sand and nose in book. (Such a lucky girl I am!)
I'm greatly looking forward to it.

However, at the last minute while I was packing my bags yesterday, I elected to leave my laptop at home. Which means as of this moment, I'm not sure I'll have much access to email & blog for the next 7 days.
And that is okay.

What I am bringing is my linoleum carving tools and my watercolors. (And some summer reading of course.) Can't wait to fill you in on my adventures and creations when I return next weekend --- till then have a fabulous week!

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Emily said...

enjoy the coast! hihi and the freedom of leaving you laptop at home! sometimes you just have to!