Back from the Oregon Coast

Hello! I'm back from my week away from everything.

This is the beach where I spent my time last week.

This is the beach house that Andy & I shared with my parents....

...And this is mostly what we did.
(Between long walks, kite-flying and tide-pool exploring)

I'm normally in that empty spot on the couch... for this photo op I must have been off water coloring or some such nonsense... or perhaps I was the girl behind the camera...

It was a lovely time as always a week spent in Yachats, OR is. Love that place.

And now it's back to the daily grind. (I'm writing this quickly before I dash off to work.)
I'm jumping right back into it all with art too because the Punk Rock Flea Market is this comping weekend. Good thing that I came back with much inspiration - a rekindled interest in block printing combined with an amazing thrift store find has equaled a brand new beauty about to be revealed for the Punk Rock Flea Market. Hooray!

Tis good to be back and I'll update with more soon! Till then, I'll leave you with this moment of bliss:

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