First First Thursday Arts Walk Recap

Yep. This sign posted at the entry to Mikal Whoberry's studio just about sums it up.

The show was fabulous. It was so super gratifying to be an artist working in a small studio space and to finally get to see all these pieces up on a wall in one spot. Hanging the show was a HUGE learning experience and tons of fun at the same time. If I had stopped to think about it, I would have been able to guess - but the Wednesday before First Thursday is the only time other artists who are hosting open studios really get to wander around and see each others work. So while I was at 619 Western on Wednesday to hang the show I got to meet so many people and participate in some super fun conversations. The kind of "Full Time" artist conversations that up until this point I just haven't been privy to. Such as spending fifteen minutes discussing light theories - I just don't get that in my daily life!

Mikal was a wonderful host and the show turned out well with good flow and seemed cohesive. (To my inexperienced eye!) We had VJ with her gorgeous black and white photography in the front and then Mikal's work spanning the right side and mine spanning the left. With lots of space for milling and talking in the center. And one of the stars of the show wasn't art necessarily - though I would definitely call it art - VJ made THE BEST homemade crackers I have ever had.

Sincerest of thanks to all of my many friends, family and co-workers who came by to show their support and see the show. Your presence truly made the evening special for me. I was completely taken aback by how many folks got me Opening gifts. I had no idea that was a customary thing to do. I'm totally flattered and honored. My co-worker Richard (whose purchase of a painting from Mikal 2 months ago is how I got my show - hooray for connections!) got me a corsage for the evening with exquisite little red orchids. I pinned it into my hair and I'm so sad I didn't think to get a picture!

I did get a "proud artist" picture taken the night of set up.
Proud indeed.


kecia said...

good job, Sara!you should be proud

Emily said...

oh what fun! stand tall indeed, it looks amazing!