Arts Walk Tonight, Art and Soul Tomorrow

Well I've pulled through - the show is set up and looking amazing alongside Mikal Whoberry's acrylic paintings and VJ Sheppard's photography. Can't wait for the opening tonight!
Hanging the show was practically a party - with all the other artist studios setting up and the artists themselves wandering door to door to check out everyone else's latest work. I had some phenomenal conversations and met some pretty incredible people! Who knew that hanging a show could be so much fun?
Definitely a shout out for the tight knit arts community that is 619 Western - you guys rock!
After some coffee and then much arts walk schmoozing and chatting I'll be hitting the road on my way to Portland, OR for the 2008 Portland Art and Soul Retreat. Come 9AM tomorrow morning I'll be getting my hands messy with the lovely Katie Kendrick - I'm so super excited! And then there will be dinner with my friend Kecia from New Jersey who I haven't seen since Artfest in the spring.
Bring on the art infusion!

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Betsy said...

Your show was gorgeous and so thoughtful and wonderful- hey- kinda like you! XO!