La Familia Gallery

Oh how NICE four day weekend are! I do hope you have been enjoying yours as I have. I have fully kicked off the holidays despite being nearly totally knocked down with the dreaded cold. I began it all with my first gallery sitting day at La Familia Co-op Gallery, which I became a member of just last month. I'll have a solo show there in July, but until then I get to have a piece or two of my choosing up on the "Salon" wall shown here. Just looking at all this amazing art grouped together makes me so super proud to have been included. At the time I was accepted all my new work was slated for First Thursday Arts Walk in Mikal Whoberry's studio - so the piece I currently have up is an older one.

Sitting next to this lovely art wall on Friday I nearly buried myself in handmade holiday cards - I had made a ton! I returned to my studio only to have it overflow into there too - ornaments, cards and gifts have started to perch on every possible surface. Now that's kicking off the holidays!

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Betsy said...

Can't wait to celebrate your holiday bounty with you next weekend!!!! XOXOXO! Keep it up super elf! :-)