Punk Rock Flea Market 5 Recap

Punk Rock Flea Market was a huge success yesterday - a gazillion folks came out for some Indy shopping. Yay! The place was pretty packed from about 11 am onwards. I only managed to get a shot of the room before it got too busy.
Our display was super rad - we were even able to put up all 12 months of the Calendarling which was well received. And of course - cuz they're rad!
The Underground Events Center where Punk Rock Flea Market is held also doubles as a gallery space in the huge two story staircase entry. And I completely fell in love with the show that was up - a full on murder of stenciled crows by Greg Boudreau. Definitely an art show with a good wow effect in it's presentation. I saw many folks go home with one of these lovelies.

Ah Punk Rock Flea Market - how we adore thee!


Gurldoggie said...

Thanks for the shout out! Punk Rock Flea Market loves you back!

Kayce said...

Sounds like it was a great show! Your display looks great!

SEO said...

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