Cheerleadin Away

Sometimes running a small art business feels like this: You flail around with all the attention getting techniques you can think of... yet, no one is stopping to admire your window display. Unless you happen to be a blogger who stops to take a picture of said window display to make a musing point on her blog... sigh.

2009 has my head bustling with new ideas ... my pockets brimming with inspiration notes and my dreams filled with color... yet it is on the heels of 2008 which has me feeling pretty burned out on the whole trying to "make it" thing. I'm tired of thinking of my muses as a commodity. I'm tired of stressing over never updating enough.
I'm tired of being a cheerleader for craft.

All I want to do is paint. To follow those muses. So I'm off to go do just that

So if you pop on by, and this post is all you see for awhile I apologize.
I'll blame the wet paint on my fingers.

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