It has been a busy and fulfilling week. Most of my energy was pulled up with preparations for the grand opening of a building through work. The party was held in the penthouse with this incredible view of the city. After two years Seattle still never ceases to amaze me - it is such a spectacular city with such a soft quality of light to it. And Seattle really put the shine on for the party yesterday afternoon. The whole place just glowed...
See what I mean by glow?
Aside from the party (which was a fabulous success!) my energy was also spent with three successful attempts at getting up early to meet Rosalie at the gym pre-work instead of post-work. Such endeavours are certainly aided by knowing there is a friend waiting. I doubt I would have made it at all without her. It was still super tough though - I'm SO not a morning person but I'm working on it... =)
And thirdly my most favoritest of energy powerbars - painting sweet sweet painting!


Emma said...

hey, I know that building! ;)

Rosalie said...

Yay for making it to the gym!