Art! and Robots!

First Thursday Arts Walk = good for Robots of all ages!

And Star Trek babes!

And of course... well... art!

The whole evening was mega fun - Art of Comedy at the Comedy Underground was assisted by some stellar robots and a Star Trek hottie. (aka friends Kirsten, Shawn & Spike - thanks guys!)

La Familia Gallery was packed with super gorgeous work by Chris White and Weston Jandacka - I was completely floored by the energy of Chris White's work and the velvety detail of Weston's. I still can't believe that I share a gallery with these guys!

And lastly I stopped by Mikal Whoberry's studio on my way home to check out the new encaustics he has been up to and of course he has taken to the medium flawlessly. The piece above is titled "Love Letters and Elephants" and it was one of my favorites.

Oh sweet Arts Walk - how you infuse my museful soul!


Betsy said...

my friends are all the most amazing glowing wonderful creatures around. Look at the beautiful gallery space YOUR work is hanging in! Look at the robot love! I am so blessed to be near you all!

kdahlberg said...

That was sooooo much fun! Friends + robots + Star Trek + art = Magic!