The Myth of You and Me: A Novel The Myth of You and Me: A Novel by Leah Stewart

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This book struck me so deeply i had no choice but to log into Goodreads just to update it. Not a book I would have normally picked up but I enjoyed the story of discovery, reconciliation and the message to love without fear in equal measure.

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As I find myself spending hours and hours at a time at the easel these days I had begun to wear myself out on music. Which then led me to finally wearing myself out on archived episodes of "This American Life". Which brought me to the library to give myself another try with audio books. Oh sweet audio books!
I had tried them in the studio years before only to find myself constantly staring off into space dreamy eyed and locked in the depths of story - without painting. So I gave them up. But this recent go at them? Working fabulously. I'll be off to the library again soon to scoop up some more. Isn't it funny how sometimes things just click? Like magic.
To get to participate in two of my most favorite pastimes simultaneously? PRICELESS!

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