Back from the EDGE

Back from a full week intensive up at Fort Worden - one of my favorite places of all time. The intensive was EDGE Professional Development Training for Artists run by Artist Trust. I can't even begin to describe just how incredible this program is.

I spent my week alongside 18 other artists to study business planning, taxes, grant writing and proposals as well as critiquing one-another's portfolio and artist statements. We encouraged each other. We challenged each other. We ate our meals together. Each day growing more trusting of one another.

The materials presented and the practicing artists, teachers, consultants and business folk were all STELLAR. I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything I have learned. Darn good thing I got sent home with a 10 pound binder as a reminder!

Our syllabus for the week was this:
Sunday - Introduction & Presentations
Monday - Professional Portfolio
Tuesday - More Professional Portfolio, Funding, Exhibition & other Opportunities
Wednesday - More Funding, Exhibition & other Opportunities / Grant writing
Thursday - Communication & Marketing
Friday - Business Concerns - Profit & Loss / Budgets / Taxes
Saturday - Business Concerns - Pricing / Business Plans & Final Presentations
Sunday - Wrap Up
My room was so simple yet so filled with light and a view of solid greenery that I never wanted to leave. Such a simple yet wonderful thing to be able to open two windows for a cross breeze while snoozing. Pure heaven.

On Thursday after talking about marketing & networking all day we all tromped down to the beach to enjoy the evening. Equipped with blankets and wine we talked about art through sunset and moonrise. I learned more about myself and my art that night than I ever have. After that night everything seemed possible.
After the whole week I know everything is possible.

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