Summer Days Drifting Away

It is 100 degrees in Seattle today. Which somehow made me think of staying late at my office to take advantage of the A/C. (And to finally get around to updating my blog for you of course!)

I spent all of last week on massive Rest Mode. You know how you can only push yourself for so long before either you collapse or something breaks? Well... yeah... that was me. Took it easy... got caught up with friends and my netflix account. So really - you didn't miss much.

I'm back at it this week though. Just had a phone conversation with my gallery manager about taking down the show which made a little sad. It has been such a treat to see everything up and positioned together just they way they were meant to be. All of my pieces above I'll be bidding farewell to as they will be packaged soon for pick up by their new owners. Fortunately many of these lovelies will be going to friends so with luck, I'll get to visit them from time to time.

All good things must come to an end and it's time to move on to the next... which starting next week will be my annual retreat to the Oregon coast to recharge and to begin playing with a few new painting ideas. With this heat we've been having a trip to the coast sounds like just about heaven.

Stay cool & breezy out there dears!

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