Playing Catch UP

You may or may not have noticed (since it is summertime after all), but I've taken a wee bit of a break this past month. Here's the highlights of what I've been up to:

  • I traveled to my favorite little spot of the Oregon coast to spend a week reading books, exploring tide pools, painting tide pools, taking naps, taking long walks & eating seafood.

  • I saw the delightful movie UP in 3D

  • I attended a huge family gathering in Yakima Valley to celebrate the 88th birthday of my dear ol' Grandma.

  • Returning from the Valley with a large abundance of peaches I then spent multiple days experiencing "peach facials" with my friend Kirsten while jamming & canning. Can you say mmmm ginger peach marmalade??

  • I began the hunt of seeking out more studio space by touring various houses, co-ops and lofts only to find myself unable to decide between a bigger home space or a separate studio space. The solution may be in the works... more to be divulged soon... mwah ha ha

  • I worked my butt off for my day job. Somehow folks have decided to start buying condos again which has kept me busy busy.

  • I had the pleasure of attending the open house of the new Seattle City Hostel here in Belltown. Each room was painted by local artists some of which were from my gallery. It was a crazy rad evening of local emerging artists. Lanae shot this amazing video of the evening:

    City Hostel Opening August 09, Seattle from Scene In Seattle on Vimeo.

  • I attended and fell in love with Kate Protage's "XS" show. Returning a week later determined to buy this piece I learned a valuable lesson in art purchasing:

  • If you love it, buy it before someone else does.

  • I attended the Union Celebration of two friends of Andy's which included a bbq, a bonfire, jello shots and the first camping we've done in far too long. Pure summer fun!

  • I started work on a new series for the upcoming 5x5 show in December.

    Whew! What a month! Gotta love that sweet sweet summertime.

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