Miami Basel 2009 - the Aftermath

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If I had to pick just one image to summarize what Miami Basel is all about, then this mixed media piece by Torres Llorca is it. LOVED this piece and so many more. I helped out with my gallery at Aqua Art and also toured several other fairs including the Fountain, Wynnwood Murals, Pulse, Art Miami, NADA and Art Basel itself.

I am so GLAD I went. It was beyond worth it. I already plan to return next year.

To summarize:

  • - The “art world” isn’t as scary as I thought.

  • - I didn’t see anything at all that resembled my work – totally encouraging that my work & my voice is unique and relevant.

  • - I know exactly what my show will be in May now and I have a LOT (A LOT!) of work I want to do for it.

  • - I am going to go part time from my day job starting next week. I will be taking Friday’s off to have a full uninterrupted art day every week dedicated to painting. AND I've started the transition to try to relocate back to Olympia.

My oh my – amazing what a little clarity can do in your life. Can make you say “this is it – I know exactly what I’m going to do”

What a whirlwind indeed. I saw a Warhol show. I saw a Basquiat show. I saw works that made me shout out loud. I networked with curators & collectors. I’m doing this for real now. This is the big league.

Visit my Flickr page to check out some of my favorite images from the weekend. I wrote little stories and comments for each one. Enjoy!


Amelia said...

Wow - am so envious, would love to be there at the art of miami!!

I visisted a couple of years ago but missed the art fairs/shows. I went to the open studios there, but can't remember what they are called.

Great work here, seems you are doing well. Plus I love Guerilla art too - an aim for the future!

Thanks for the follow:)

Look forward to seeing more work, I will be back.


seo said...