Time Flies when you are Processing

Time indeed flies when your brain is bursting full of art and ideas just in time for the holidays to hit.

I meant to come here to post more details about Basel...
And now here we are - nearly two weeks later. And yet to me it still feels like I just got back. And the energy & inspiration is still running through me. Spreading out and skipping just like the La Familia Salon wall at Aqua. Little groupings and sproutings. A swarm of ideas.

I'm slowly gathering it all in and making plans and motions for the new year. Several 2010 shows already in the works, a possible move and a newfound committment to giving myself more time to paint. I've got a funny feeling that 2010 is going to ROCK.


Amelia said...

Oh I love it!!!! Where is it? I want to visit and look closely at all the work!


Sara said...

Sadly this show is now sitting in a shipping crate on it's way back to the NW from Miami. But feel free to check out all the artists on the La Familia Gallery website!

Amelia said...

popping over to say a merry christmas to you!

I had a look at this website - the show looks great!

Your swap was posted a few days ago, so do let me know when you get it!!



Emily said...

This is fantastic! Big and Small!