Art Journaling Update

This past week in the art journaling exercise I played with paper & textures. The above piece is just ink & colored pencil over an old atlas map. Fun random doodles while on a long phone call with the fellow.
This one on the right so deeply reminds of Katie Kendrick's intuitive paintings. A bird hat, a blindfold and a shot through the heart. Um... careful there. Who knew intuitive painting could be dangerous?
These last two entries are more journal-like - cataloging the days. I super-uber treated myself and made a lengthy stopover on my way down to Olympia on Friday at the infamous hot bed of ladylike nudity -- the Olympus Spa. Mmmm luxurious heat and meditation mmmm.

The following day was more body-bliss out enjoying an unseasonably warm & sunny hike through the Capitol Forrest. There is nothing quite like a 7 mile hike ending in twilight followed by a super healthy meal. Sometimes, it's all about the simple things.


Amelia said...

love these art journal pages!!!

Have done a post over at mine with the swaps I have received so far. I think one more to come.

Let's talk about meeting up one day then!!

Am going to go to Squam Art Week hopefully this year in September - do you know it?


Sara said...

Ha! At this point, who hasn't heard of Squam? That is somewhere that would be lovely lovely for a meetup!

angel said...

hi - just checking in on the january journaling...thanks for leaving me a comment. love the colors in your work!

Emily said...

What a delightful roaring start to 2010!