January Journal Nearly Full

To say the least it's been an interesting week. Kind of all over the place like this journal page! More journal play and lots of use of the color blue:
LinkLast week I rode Seattle's Link Light Rail for the first time (highly recommended form of transport) and I kept my little blue ticket as the kick off for this page. Along with a torn sheet of black origami paper. I've really been digging the blue & black with the white & gold writing!
This page was based upon a friend of mine telling me I needed to embrace the spirit of Mick. Mick was an old friend of ours who was highly skilled at living a double life for his love. (She was referring to my constant back & forth to Olympia). The image that came to mind were these Gemini type ladies. Hmmm... Neverending Story influences perhaps?
Then I spent both Monday & Tuesday this week having fun with this map page spread. Monday's entry began from a wonderful life drawing session at the Canoe Social Club. 3 hours with a model for $5 is pretty hard to argue with. Also highly recommended!


Wini said...

Hi, just visiting from class. I saw your post. I love your journal pages. Very creative and inspiring! thank you for sharing :)

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I just read your comments from class and I really like your idea of art journaling. I draw in my sketchbook a lot but haven't thought of in the way you describe it. It reminds me of how writer Julia Cameron suggests that artists/writer do Morning Pages--just write, or draw, and let whatever comes come. It's neat seeing your journal and all those thoughts swirling around-- it feels private.

Kristen said...

Hi, it is Kristen from class! Love your art journals - very inspiring! Thanks for sharing them!


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Sara, these are such beautiful drawings. I'm loving the blues inspired by the blue ticket :)