Stew Stew Studio

After today it's official - I'm all set up and working in my new studio. After 3 years of working solely in my bedroom it's a luxury to be able to spread out over 3 tables. A luxury I say - a luxury!

Today in the studio I made a mobile! A very simple and economical project. To make an origami mobile like this one you will need:

2 pairs of chopsticks
2 pipe cleaners
Ribbon to tie the top
Fishing line
Origami paper

This was a project for a friend. Each of the little origami envelopes has a secret note!

It's all part of a bigger art project going on in my household this weekend. Following a tradition that falls somewhere in between Thanksgiving and a Valentine we each write little notes or doodles for each other. Then each person draws the name of another to create an assembly of those notes. The last couple years I've made a little book since I do enjoy bookbinding but this year I wanted to do something more off the wall (or ceiling so to speak). Can't wait to unveil this tomorrow - obviously, since I'm letting the cat (mobile?) outta the bag right now!

I had just as much fun this year writing my comments. Since I've been on this kick of art journaling and play I decided to extend the play into this homework assignment. An art card for each person! Afterwards I included little notes for each but I loved how they looked at this stage - all laid out and each so different. I seriously had a ton of fun with the whole thing this year.


happybetsy said...

pretty pages!

Amelia said...

what cool fun! Love these sorts of ideas (as you probably know by now!) . . . lucky, lucky you having a studio, my whole house resembles a studio - fun for me, not for others I guess!!!!


Emily said...

I just love when you fall for how things look in an unfinished part of the process... as long as it doesn't keep you from going on with it!
Congrats on the studio space! May it bring you unlimited creative joy!