Soon to Be

Can you believe that it is already the 12th of May? I certainly cannot. The days have been drifting by while I seem to be playing catch up on my life. These last few weeks I threw myself so thoroughly into mad painting that I let several things slide. So it has been catch up time on all things mundane like sleeping, cooking, laundry & Netflix.

Not so mundane has been to catch up with friends which is exactly what springtime calls for methinks!
For instance last night found me with two new friends sipping delectable wine and nibbling nosh on a gorgeous verrandah in Ballard. Ah!

And speaking of catching up with friends I need to announce my giveaway winner(s)!!
I was so inspired by the pet stories that folks left for me that I have decided to offer a giveaway print to all of you who commented on my April 16th entry. Really! I'll be contacting you lovely lasses =)

One of the stories inspired the darling little Red Platy pictured above - along with 6 other fish done in watercolor and sealed with beeswax. Too much fun that's what.

I'm going to make a push towards figuring out exactly how to use my Epson (a monumental task actually) so not only can I get prints to my print winners but with luck, I'll soon be populating a brand new Etsy shop with some Petshop Prints. Oh deep breath...


Kristen Walker said...

Yay! Thank you so much! I want the guinea pig! Thanks so much!

I'll send my info to you!


stephey Baker @ Marked By The Muse said...

WOW! What a treat. I love the red platty! I really enjoy how you use movement and line in your work - it's great! thanks so much for sharing your talent and inspiration. I can think of no better act of kindness! You and your work are a true treasure.
I love your concept about the pet store as well. Then again, I am crazy for animal totems! I have been for years. It's the hidden meaning each animals holds including the message each provide and guidance. It's an abundant source of inspiration for me. SO much so that I decided to share what I know in an up coming workshop! Thanks again for sharing your hard creative work!

kecia said...

i'm with kristen, i want the guinea pig - so cute!

is your email still the same?

Sara said...

Thanks Stephey for YOUR kindness! I admit I was quite intrigued by your workshop as I too (of course) LOVe animal totems and working with symbolism. I'm already working on a new series diving deeper into it!
I think I have some Bees buzzing to be sure =)