...But You Can Never Leave

Oh vacation! Mentally I'm still right here with my toes in Venice Beach sand and my head filled with art. My Los Angeles weekend spent with my good friend Karrie was soul soothing indeed. All photos are courtesy of Karrie as I was SO unplugged I forgot my phone charger!

There was amazing vegan / raw food at M Cafe, SunPower Natural and Kind Kreme.

There was amazing not-so-healthy food such as Baby Blues BBQ, the local AWESOME Taco truck & the incredible experience of Korean BBQ.

There were Yoga classes taught by Karrie to balance out all the eating - plus swimming in the luxurious Highland Gardens Hotel pool.

There was even lounging. Actual lounging folks.

Not to mention all the art. 

A much anticipated trip to the Getty Museum, of course. We went for the DaVinci and left with our hearts filled with Jean Leon Gerome. An artist after my own Turkish roots he pretty much sensationalized the "Orient" in art.

The Snake Charmer & The Bacchante were two of my favorites. Such a luscious, inspiring use of oil and detail.
And the Getty itself is a marvelous place to spend an afternoon regardless of the exhibits. Karrie caught this darling having more fun than we were!

Also part of this weekend was a pilgrimage of sorts - I finally got to go visit one of my most favorite of galleries: Thinkspace!
We thoroughly enjoyed the current show of Ekundayo and Brett Amory.
But the most resonating was the once a month open portfolio review that they host - I sucked up my brave and submitted my work for review and am so glad I did. Some new ideas are already in the works in a happy array on my studio floor. Sometimes all you need is a little perspective. Those who know how to give real constructive criticism are a rare breed so it's worth it to seek them out when you can.

Oh sweet California - thanks for your inspiration & glow.
And super thanks to my darling superstar friend Karrie for showing me your town.

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