Sketches and Projects

Today one of my favorite artists updated her blog with new pages from her sketchbook (Stella Im Hultberg) --- which reminded me that I had not updated mine here in some time!

Which is actually due to the fact that I had not been sketching much in the last months. But I cracked my little book open while I was in California and here are a couple of my favorite pages!

The journal page was my scribbled feelings/impressions after having met with Thinkspace. My handwriting is near hieroglyphic but it is basically talking about how I need to renew my relationship with my line work - to make it as loved and luscious as my oils.
And these days that is exactly what I've been up to.

I've been testing out new techniques & ideas in the studio and it has flooded my waking life with flashes of muse. Working in soft wood stains has opened my eyes to just how eased my lines can be. And I cannot be more thrilled.


Kristen said...

Nice! I love to see and hear about how artists spark their own progression. Thanks for sharing! I think the art journal-ing idea is neat. I still haven't tried it yet.


Sara said...

Oh my you should give it a go - bet you'd enjoy! My journal is small enough to fit in my purse (which really is little!) and it's so handy for times when you find yourself waiting - doc office, bus, lunchbreak etc. Sketch break!