Shows, News and Silly Hats

Is it just me or is the Summertime already flying by?

Of course it isn't just me. I think this summertime really IS flying by. Last Thursday was the opening of the La Familia Group Show over at Joe Bar and already that feels like ages ago! BLITZ Arts Walk was mighty fun spent trying to hide from the heat at Joe Bar whilst catching up with friends.
The whole show came out stunning and I was especially fond of the way my work was grouped.

I just love all the different shapes clustered together. I think it makes for a great wall! I kind of ended up with some window envy too. The Joe Bar has the most spectacular coffee shop windows which makes the whole place feel open yet cozy at the same time. Stop on by and have a crepe!

I have been trying to keep my head cool while ramping up to get ready to move. I will be moving to a larger space in my co-op building which will FINALLY allow for me to have a separate studio space. What a luxury! I'm super excited! There is so much to do though (packing, painting and purging!) and I've got to keep on top of my obligations while at it. (Work, co-op, commissions & upcoming fall shows!)

So of course the best way to keep a cool head is to get a great haircut right?

Even better way to keep that head cool is to don a silly hat whilst enjoying Viking Days out in Ballard with friends --- wouldn't be a proper summer without.

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Kristen said...

Love the pics! Love the haircut! What kind of camera do you use to take your pics when you are out and about?

Summer does feel like it is flying by, but it hasn't felt like summer here until the last few days because we had so much fog, but now it is HOT!!!!