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Image Courtesy of Benjamin Moore Paints

Oh the horror of the technological gone awry! Today I realized this post was still sitting in draft form. Has that ever happened to you?? Good grief. I've decided to post it now, belatedly regardless because I want to keep this little record of my inspiration & pre-move process. And then later tonight I'll get to treat y'all with some pics of the AFTER. Yep yep stay tuned - housewarming pics from the weekend and the place was shining!

*********************(Originally to have been posted 7/21/10)
I'm Moving.
With a capital M. "Just" upstairs to a larger space in my building but still. Even without having to deal with a truck or a loading zone it is all essentially the same. Mega exciting and a huge headache all at once. 

To tip the scales over to the excited part of my heart I've been perusing and collecting inspiration for the new space. I will have an actual bed nook instead of a loft and I want to paint the wall behind it a deep blue. Or perhaps a deserty turquoise inspired by Pixie Campbell's tiki themed camper:

And there will be a studio. An actual, separate studio with great light and a nook to store paintings. All in all it really isn't that big. But after cramming both bedroom and studio into 220 square feet this room feels like a palace! It's got my heart tugging towards wanting to work BIG - even more so after I saw this post on My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses about Brett Amory's new "Street Waiting" series. His giant sized portraits on butcher paper rolls are inspiring me to no end. To create with such wild abandon and then abandon the works to the street? Brilliant-perfect-magic.
Here's hoping my new studio space will spark such a wild abandon. Now I just got to lug everything up there. Next week and counting - Cheers all!

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