The inaugural post from the new studio!

My new studio is just about a perfect fit - a separate room nearly 100 sq ft with a huge old window and a nook for canvas storage. Originally it had been painted this deep yellow with a navy blue accent wall. Was a little dark, so the first thing I did was paint! And now it is a nice bright soft white.
I am feeling ever so blessed, lucky & grateful to finally have a real workspace!

I almost didn't write this post today because many things are not yet finished -- As in the entire rest of the apartment! So often on blogs you see perfectly lovely studio shots. But my excitement over this space will not allow me to wait another moment before I share it with you so here goes:

Here is a shot looking out of the studio into the mess of the main room. And another looking over towards the window and my work desk.
I plan to take some more pictures for you as the space progresses. But at least as of this weekend the infrastructure is in - tables, cabinets & lighting!
Amongst painting a turquoise wall in my bedroom and settling in this weekend I also attended First Thursday Arts Walk. The above piece by Angela Scott stole the show! Along with this insanely large doily that was floating above Occidental Square.

The weekend also included the opening of a group show I'm in: Postscripts from the Edge which featured new works from my 2009 Edge group. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone and see what they have all been up to since we graduated from the Edge program.


stephey said...

SARA! I am so glad you did not wait to show a perfect studio. I love seeing the progress and your space! Mama is this gonna be awesome - I'm so excited for you! the walls look great and I know you'll continue to create genius in there - that's what I imagine at least! thanks for giving a peak into your world.

Sara said...

Stephey you are too sweet - thank you!
I finally got down and dirty in there last night splattering acrylic stain left and right. Those nice white walls won't stay white for long!