Birds and Bones and Onwards

originally uploaded by Sara Everett.

Ever reach a point where you end up needing to withdraw for a few days because even the simplest of tasks seems overwhelming? Well, that is what just happened to me. This past week has been incredibly full to the tilt and pedal to the metal.

I am beginning to notice that I repeat this pattern quite often. Many of my closest friends I’m sure have already noticed and attempted to point this out to me… but alas I am so excited about the work I'm doing and push myself to the limit up until show time because of it. And I really cannot imagine it any other way. I may just need to start learning how to prepare for it better.

This time around it worked out that I was hosting my parents for a couple nights while hanging the show. On the outside this was just fine – I had fun visiting with them and they actually helped me out quite a lot. But come Sunday after the opening was over and the houseguests were gone I realized I just didn’t have anything left of myself to give.

Happens to us all I suppose.

Guess in the end we all just do what we can and keep on trucking onwards.

Tonight in the studio it’s already onwards into the next round of work. 10 5x5s by early November? I’m on it...

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