Hope Springs Eternal

"Hope Springs"
Acrylic and Oil on Found Wood
48" x 20" 

Paintings paintings paintings! The studio truly is spilling over with paint brushes, rags and leaning artworks against every available wall. It is the one week countdown to show time and I'm feeling the familiar cocktail of pre-show inspiration, excitement and panic. Why is that the Muse FLOODS me with new ideas one week before the show? Why is it that I always must work myself into a frenzy in the days leading? Will I ever be an organized enough artist to actually hang artwork that is fully dry for a show?

Hope springs eternal each and every time - I always tell myself it will be different. Ha!

It's all in good fun though. I love my work and I love that I'm still sorting through my process. 
And I just took a major leap of faith because of it. 

For my next show in December (La Familia's 5x5 show) I will be working on reclaimed wood assembled by another artist. Check out these beauties:
I cannot wait to get my order from him. All of the materials for these panels have been reclaimed from local construction & demo sites. Someday I would love to be able to make my own but for now I think I'll leave the woodworking to the expert! At least for shows where the requirement is a uniform size...

Ah progress...
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Leaves and Feathers said...

Hi! Beautiful work, love the title of this one, and that wood panel....oh.my.goodness, I'd love to find a source for those! Lucky you!

Sara said...

You CAN have a source - he's an Etsy seller! Check out Andrewsreclaimed.etsy.com
Just got my shipment today and the panels I ordered are gorgeous!

Kristen said...

OMG, why did you have to post where to get that wood! :) hahahaha And love your Etsy shop and your new "about" photo!


Sara said...

Thanks Kristen!
The guy who makes the panels is so super nice and he does offer discounts if you order a bunch of the same size. (I just got 20 5x5s for an upcoming show!)

UmberDove said...

Oh this new piece! Your work is shifting and evolving, I'm so excited to see where it goes!

p.s. As soon as I finished my oatmeal, it's off to the studio to begin work on my 5x5's... EEk-ka!

Sara said...

Oh Kelly!(UmberDove for those not in in the know) Thanks for stopping by! So thrilled to hear from you because as you may be aware your work totally inspires me!