48 Hours Across 3000

 After traveling across the continent I'm finally here.
I've experienced so much in these past 48 hours that I'm not even sure which stories to tell you.
 Friday was a PERFECT fall day in Central Park.
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art inspired me to no end. I took countless reference photos of scroll work, pottery lines, and Deco inlay which I have a suspicion will show up in my work while I'm here.
I even managed some sketching. One of my favorite parts of the Met were the sculptures - and not necessarily for the sculptures themselves (although lovely) but for the oodles of artists and art students perched anywhere and everywhere around the sculptures sketching them. So when in Rome...
 All of these travels were capped off by a late night arrival to the Vermont Studio Center where I nearly fainted when I saw my studio for the first time:
Imagine a 400 sq foot room with a two story ceiling and everything entirely white. 

It's the biggest blank canvas I've ever faced... which is probably why I'm on the Internet blogging to you. Had to let you know I've arrived safe after all. Has nothing to do with trying to figure out how to begin. Really.


happybetsy said...

SO SO excited for you to make make make. enjoy!!!

kecia said...

welcome to the east coast! it's sunny and nice right now; you came at a good time. what's the thanksgiving plans? you are welcome here!

Emma said...
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Emma said...

I can't wait to see what you make! I once spent a whole 3 day weekend with a friend in the MET, it was awesome. There's nothing there that's not worth seeing.

Rosalie said...


Grace Willard said...

Love the blog - I'm glad you are having such a wonderful adventure! Do keep us posted!

<3 g

Sara said...

Thanks everyone!

Kecia - super thanks for the invite but I'm pretty well stuck in town as I don't have access to transportation. I know they're going to feast us here though!
Emma - I'm totally jealous! You got 3 whole days? Lucky girl! I spent about 7 hours and felt like I could have stayed for 7 days!

Emma said...

Yeah, but it was back in...2000? Maybe longer ago than that. I could do that again no problem!