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Arranging myself and my studio to be ready for a month elsewhere sure has proven to be an interesting challenge. Just the organization alone has been an incredible learning experience! 

 I used a light watercolor sketch in my journal to break up my thoughts into organizational categories - a list of everything I needed to get done this week then broken down and spread out over the days I had left before departure. A simple exercise that helped immensely!

Speaking of journaling I hope to share a lot more in the coming weeks as I intend to make it a daily focus during my residency. To kick off a renewed zest for my art journal I enrolled in an online workshop this week hosted by artist friend Amelia Critchlow. Today marks the first day of a week of art journaling exploration. I seriously cannot wait to play!


Foxglove Spires said...

Hello Sara,
Just wanted to pop over to say hello. I am doing Amelia's workshop this week with you.

You have a wonderful space here, and I could only image how hard it must be with all your preparations! Have a wonderful day. xxx

stephey said...

HELLO SARA! I'm so going to take your lead about creating a visual organizational list - love this idea! Can't wait to peak back over to see some more of your journal creations. Good luck width the residency!

Sara said...

Hello Stephey!! I'm so thrilled that I inspired you - what fun!
And I must say - referring to that page over and over this week has been a lot more pleasurable than just a straight up to-do list. So I'm sure I'll be doing more of them!

UmberDove said...

mmnnn... loving this train.