VSC Week Two

 Two weeks can go by so incredibly quickly! 
A summary in images - above is my studio building on the right, and the red mill building on the left is where I've been eating 3 meals a day with an amazing group of artists and writers.
 Been watching snow fall out my studio window which I covered with rolls of piano player paper.
 For my work trade her I've been super lucky to be assigned the task of organizing the studio center's Literary library. One side effect though has been to loose track of time in lines of poetry. Yummy!
 And painting? Fantastic. I'm working on combining my line work with art nouveau border ideas.
The camera on my phone is sufficient for a lot, but artwork isn't the best. You can get an idea of what I'm up to though. Both of these pieces are about 30" x 40" on tea stained canvas.
 Still working on the border for these guys but they are far too fun not to share. I wonder just how many goats end up wandering around with chickens hitching a ride...
 And on a whim I had packed in my old oil pastels from childhood and I'm so glad I did - I've been having fun doing intuitive color play. Pure energy and emotion because I've had a LOT of that going on.

Being here has allowed me to clarify so much. From this clarity I've been able to make a really huge decision that has been pending for far too long. Feels fantastic!

Happy soaring energy is bouncing around here in spades. Spades I tell you.

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